Decorative Concrete

Precast Decorative Concrete

Our precast decorative concrete services include fencing, walls, columns and column caps. Decorative concrete fencing and walls may be stamped with the decorative design on either one or both sides. The thickness and height of the decorative concrete fences, walls and columns will vary from project to project. However, precast decorative concrete fencing and wall heights are limited to 102” because of shipping limitations. The precast decorative concrete may include integral color or coloring may be achieved by application of a chemical stain.

Precast Decorative Fencing

We have designed and built a decorative precast fence. This is a total precast concrete fencing system that can be shipped nationwide by truck or rail. The decorative concrete fence panels are clear span up to 22' unsupported. The decorative concrete columns and caps are precast and easy to set. The stamped and stained decorative fence in the picture above 54' in height, however it can be made in one piece heights up to 8'6 without special hauling permits.

The decorative concrete fence can be customized to various lengths and the panels can be stacked to any height. Various finishes and patterns are available for the concrete fencing. An optional stain finish is shown above.

Horizontal Decorative Concrete

Our decorative concrete services include stamped horizontal concrete surfaces such as walks and patios.

Vertical Decorative Concrete

Our decorative vertical concrete services include poured-in-place concrete walls and piers. This is normally a one side decorative application on concrete walls and a four side decorative application on concrete piers. Both decorative concrete walls and piers are reinforced with bar to strengthen concrete and control cracking.

All our decorative concrete is sealed with a clear sealer to retain color and preserve concrete.

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