Agricultural Construction

Our Agricultural Construction Experience

Since our inception we have been involved in the agricultural industry in and around Indiana. We started our construction business building confinement hog pits. For several of our beginning years we were mainly involved in the construction of hog confinement facilities.

With our versatility and experience we have helped many in the agricultural industry fulfill their construction needs. We have designed and built turnkey agricultural operations, remodeled facilities, built deep pits, flush systems, pull plug systems and trickle systems. Along with the hog facilities, we have built high rise chicken house pits, equestrian barns, grain bin foundations, tank farm dikes, liquid fertilizer loading catch pads, scale foundations, machinery sheds, farm shops and maintenance pits.

Agricultural Construction Services

  • Agricultural Confinement Building Construction
  • Agricultural Confinement Building Remodeling
  • Deep Pits
  • Flush Systems
  • Pull Plug Systems
  • Trickle Systems
  • High Rise Chicken House Pits
  • Equestrian Barns
  • Grain Bin Foundations
  • Tank Farm Dikes
  • Liquid Fertilizer Loading Catch Pads
  • Scale Foundations
  • Machinery Sheds
  • Farm Shops
  • Maintenance Pits

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